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Property For Sale in Brittany

Located on the rugged and beautiful coastline of North West France, Brittany is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the north, and the Pays de la Loire and Normandy regions to the east.

Property for sale in Brittany

The Brittany region itself is comprised of four separate departments. They are the Finistere, the Cotes-d’Armor, the Morbihan and the Ille-et-Vilaine. In total, the Brittany region covers over 27,000 km² and is home to over 3 million residents including a large number of expatriate’s predominantly from throughout the European region.

There is a huge range of property for sale in Brittany, and over the course of the past 20 years there has been a large demand from overseas buyers who are looking to purchase a property in what many see as being one of France’s most picturesque regions.

The price of property in Brittany can vary immensely, ranging from €50,000 for some of the smaller country properties in need of renovation, through to €750,000 for some of the larger, luxurious and traditional Breton properties for which the region is so well-known.

For people looking to purchase property in Brittany, there are a number of towns and villages worthy of consideration. Destinations including Morlaix, Dinan, Callac, Ruffiac, Josselin and Vannes all offer a wide selection of properties from which to choose. Outside of the towns however Brittany offers a stunning range of chateaux and countryside retreats, indeed it would be fair to say these properties have been the focus of much of the demand in recent years.

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