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Property for Sale in the Red Sea

Egypt is a country with a rich history, warm climate, and beautiful beaches. This has earned it a reputation as a world-leading holiday destination, and many of the most popular resorts are centred around the glistening waters of the Red Sea.

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Red Sea

Truly beautiful beaches have given rise to luxurious resorts with premium facilities, and this in turn provides a range of opportunities for investors.

On the Red Sea's northern coast you will find one of the most-visited resorts in Egypt in the form of Sharm-el-Sheikh. This resort is home to a unique culture thanks to its position on the threshold of Asia and the fact that huge numbers of tourists from all across the world meet and mix there. Sharm-el-Sheikh is especially famous for its scuba diving and water sport opportunities.

Enthusiasts from around the world flock there to indulge their hobbies in the waters of the red sea or to take part in some of the professional championships that are held there. The result is high demand for tourist properties in the area, and this can provide investors with some highly attractive opportunities.

Another of Egypt's most popular and well-known resorts can be found on the western coast of the Red Sea. El Gouna – which literally translates as "the Lagoon" – is a major luxury resort with high-class hotels and tourist lets in abundance. It offers over six miles of Egypt's finest coastlines and relatively easy access to the busy, fantastic facilities, and relatively easy access to the populated areas that surround the Nile. It also has a more authentically Egyptian character than many other resorts and, like El Gouna, is popular with water sport enthusiasts. As a result, El Gouna can see wealthy travellers from around the world placing extremely high demand on accommodation. This creates some excellent and potentially profitable opportunities to invest in tourist property.

For those who are more interested in an emerging market, the Sahl Hasheesh is a fantastic opportunity to invest in Red Sea tourist property. A relatively recent addition to the western coast, this resort is still under construction. It offers luxury standards similar to the likes of El Gouna and Sharm-el-Sheikh, but aims to be more accessible to new clients than those fairly exclusive resorts. It already offers a choice of highly comfortable accommodation options to visitors, along with a wide range of premium facilities that have already been completed. Though construction is not complete, it is now definitely already a functional and high-quality resort. However, there is a lot more to come and this could potentially result in significant value growth for investors who purchase property in the resort now.

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View All (49) Properties for Sale in Red Sea