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Property for Sale in El Gouna

The Red Sea resort of El Gouna is part of a collection of flourishing settlements along the western coast of the Egyptian Red Sea. Translating to English as ‘The Lagoon’ – the small resort is a thriving tourism attraction which was developed in the early 1990s.

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El Gouna

Literally translated as 'The Lagoon', El Gouna has quickly developed a reputation as one of the Red Sea's leading luxury destinations. Focused on the stunning harbour area and its numerous yacht and luxury hotels, there is today a wide range of high quality property for sale in El Gouna.

Over the past couple of decades the area has grown significantly and has become one of the most visited resorts in the area, benefitting from proximity to many of its rivals – including the much larger Hurghada. El Gouna is one of the smaller resorts of its kind in the area but has a rustic, purposeful charm which is almost unique amongst its competition – a result of intelligent architecture which continues to draw investment in properties for sale in El Gouna to this day.

El Gouna enjoys a much heightened tourism trade and traffic, being nearby Hurghada. Hurghada is the second largest resort of the Egyptian Red Sea and has more than 250,000 residents – bringing people into El Gouna on a daily basis. Hurghada International Airport is also responsible for delivering thousands of tourists to El Gouna every year, whilst Cairo can be reached by road in around 5 hours. El Gouna faces Sharm-el-Sheikh across the bay of the Red Sea, and Saudi Arabia on the eastern coast. To travel by road to the richer and more populated areas built around the Nile, the journey would take around 4 hours.

A minnow resort of the Red Sea Governorate – El Gouna has just 20,000 resients stretched across its 10km of coast line. Various islands and lagoons are included within the El Gouna Township and boast a number of unique hotels and apartments for tourists and locals to stay in. With less than a tenth of the population of nearby Hurghada, El Gouna has a much more local atmosphere and maintains some of the Egyptian character that larger resorts have lost through over-tourism. The town has almost 3,000 hotel rooms spread across three main areas, along with a hospital, three marinas and a museum.

In the pattern of the Red Sea resorts, El Gouna makes a fantastic retreat for people interested in water sports. Whilst scuba diving and snorkelling prove popular exploits, El Gouna’s rugged coastline and open waters also lend advantages to windsurfing, kite-surfing, parasailing and other wind-based activities. The award-winning architecture and layout of El Gouna, particularly the in-land canals which provide beaches for those not near the coast – lends the town an incredibly unique atmosphere amongst the nearby resorts. El Gouna’s golf course was even designed by former number one golfer Fred Couples. With so much to do and experience in this part of the world, it's easy to see why so many people are interested in property for sale in El Gouna, whether it's as a holiday home, buy-to-let investment or even as destination to relocate.

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