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Property For Sale In Vauxhall

Vauxhall is an area of southwest London that has become a highly desirable residential area with a broad spectrum of people. Its redevelopment has been key to attracting a range of buyers and investors to the area.

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Vauxhall Bridge

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View All (4) Properties for Sale in London

Vauxhall is an intriguing place that deftly combines gentrified areas and smart terraced houses whilst still retaining affordable and social housing south of its station. Falling into the authority of the London Borough of Lambeth, property for sale in Vauxhall has proved popular with Members of Parliament and civil servants as it is located close to the Houses of Parliament and Whitehall.

The area is defined by light industry, offices and government buildings which have all been attracted by its central location and comparatively cheap rent. This has meant that property investment in Vauxhall is on the increase as investors realise the financial potential of such an area.

The most significant redevelopment of property for sale in Vauxhall has taken place along the riverside where a number of modern residential and office blocks have started to spring up. The most notable building on this landscape is that of the now infamous M16 building at Vauxhall Cross.

As you would expect for somewhere so central, Vauxhall is extremely well connected on the London Underground, National Rail trains and the London bus network thanks to the Vauxhall interchange station. The place that gave birth to the Vauxhall car manufacture also has good road links and forms part of the London Inner Ring Road. Vauxhall Bridge Road runs from Vauxhall Cross to Victoria Station and takes in a number of international embassies and the M16 headquarters.

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House Prices in Vauxhall

Vauxhall House Prices

House prices in the area have seen a 13% rise in the last three years, ensuring the average price of a property for sale in Vauxhall is now over £770,000.

The rental market in Vauxhall is an exciting one, with a three bedroom property now bringing in an average price of £992 per week.

The highest valued addresses are currently Fentiman Road and Heyford Avenue and the most common residential property for sale in Vauxhall is flats. This has led to significant property investment in Vauxhall, due to the fluid and changing nature of its residents. The boom in riverside construction has centred on the large St George Wharf near Vauxhall Bridge which includes the impressive St George Wharf Tower.

Vauxhall is seen as one of the last affordable places to buy a house in Zone One and so properties are now been snapped up rapidly.

Vauxhall Highlights

Vauxhall Highlights

Vauxhall has built up a range of attractions over the years, with one of the most famous being the Oval Cricket Ground which is home to Surrey County Cricket Club and plays host to a number of international test matches.

The most well known building in Vauxhall is Brunswick House. This former home to the Dukes of Brunswick is a Georgian mansion that has now become one of the many beautiful restaurants in the area.

There are also some fantastic outdoor highlights in the area including Vauxhall Park and Vauxhall City Farm which brings rural life to the metropolis.

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