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Property Investment in the UK

Recent years has witnessed significant growth in demand for investment and buy to let property for sale in the UK. Today, large numbers of investors both from the UK and overseas see the UK property investment market as a cornerstone to their investment portfolio's, and as such their is now significant demand for student and residential buy to let properties for sale throughout the UK. 

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United Kingdom

A reduced national deficit and an economic plan that seems to be working are the latest positive elements in the highly-evolved UK property invesment market that’s showing signs of sustained recovery. With the rise of student investments and a range of buy to let property for sale in all major towns and cities, the UK now has a wide range of opportunities available to investors.

Since the financial crisis, both student and buy to let property has become an extremely popular sector with investors thanks to stability and low supply not only in the UK but throughout the world. In 2007, global investment in the student property market stood at just £2.1 billion - yet today, it has more than doubled to a record £4.5 billion, and this is expected to keep rising with the British, Japanese, American, Australian and German markets proving especially popular with property investors.

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Why Invest in Property in the UK?

Those searching for their next property investment should look to the UK as various types of property investment are available and are in high demand. This demand has been driven by the increase in population and a need for suitable housing for couples, families, students and those looking to retire.

Choosing the right property investment involves a combination of things such as picking the right location, budget and how these factors can bring you the best returns. In terms of location, although property markets in cities such as London continue to fluctuate; other cities have been making their way up the ranks when it comes to higher yields and overall better investment opportunities.

The Northern Powerhouse

The UK government have big plans to invest over £3.4 billion in northern towns and cities in the UK, as part of the Northern Powerhouse initiative. The aim of the initiative is to boost local economies in the North by investing in transport, business innovation, culture and education, which is expected to stimulate business growth in these areas and create a large number of employment opportunities for local people. The positive effect of the Northern Powerhouse initiative has already started to be seen, with house prices starting to rise and the number of young professionals choosing to relocate to northern cities increasing, creating a number of exciting opportunties for UK property investment.  

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Buy-to-Let Property Investment in the UK

Buy-to-Let Properties For Sale

Buy-to-let properties for sale have experienced a surge in popularity in recent years, and the UK's property investment market has attracted a lot of attention from overseas investors. In many experts' eyes, the high demand for student and buy-to-let property for sale in the UK from both domestic and international buyers bolsters opinions that the UK market is among the world's strongest. High returns, which are guaranteed for an initial period in many new developments, are a key factor in attracting international investors.

Recent buy-to-let property tax changes to landlord income has cast some doubt over the long term future of this type of investment, however buy-to-let investment still offers a safe place to invest your capital, as long as you do your homework and choose the right property in the right location.

The expected yield on buy-to-let investment properties for sale can be as high as 10% in some areas of the UK and with interest rates at an all time low, it makes sense that a large number of investors opt to put their money into buy-to-let property for sale, especially with the potential rewards of long-term capital growth and high rental yields helping to maximise their return on investment.

Student Property Investment in the UK

Student Investment Properties for Sale

When it comes to purchasing student investment properties for sale, finding the right location can really pay off, as current research shows university cities such as Manchester, Liverpool and Edinburgh offer some of the highest rental yields due to the continuous high numbers of students that look to study there.

What follows high student numbers? The demand for accommodation and property investors can take advantage of this situation as the momentum of the sector does not show any signs of slowing. University applications have been consistently rising for some years. Across the first four months of this year, Britain saw 17,000 student beds traded across the country, racking up a total value of £950,000 million.

With multiple leading universities drawing students into the country, the student accommodation investment market is distinctly undersupplied. The result is high demand and a willingness on the part of tenants to pay attractive rents.

What’s more appealing is student accommodation is no longer outdated dorms that offer just enough space for a desk and a bed. Student property has evolved with its students, as most student accommodation now offers residents modern living spaces and facilities such as gyms, cinema rooms, private parking and more.

UK Property Investment Hotspots

Buy-to-let Property for Sale Hotspots

London has been a big player for decades when it comes to property investment, however, as infrastructures becomes more advanced and accessible, people are happy to relocate to other areas of the country that can offer them more in-terms of jobs, lifestyle and affordability.


If you haven’t heard, Manchester is becoming one of the most attractive places to live in the whole of the UK and as a result, property prices have risen around 7.9%. Manchester is no stranger to change and when the BBC made Manchester its home, students, couples and families took the opportunity to become part of a developing city.

Steady improvement of the city over the years has contributed to the development of transport systems, including the Metro and the local airport, not the mention the ever successful Northern Powerhouse Proposal which aims to further improve education, skills, transport infrastructure and the economy in general. Taking into consideration the cities evolution, Manchester recently came out on top in the LandInvest Buy-to-Let Index.                             

Property investors could take advantage of buy-to-let property for sale in Manchester, as housing generates higher rental returns than the national average. Combine this with the high demand for property and investors could see generous returns on their investments.


Another city within the Northern Powerhouse is Liverpool and it’s another city that has fantastic potential when it comes to property investment in the UK. Buy-to-Let is a popular avenue for investors in Liverpool and can produce high rental returns in some parts of the city.

Other rental opportunities include student accommodation. As the city brings in over 70,000 students, demand for high quality accommodation is on most students’ minds, as they search for flats and apartments that include facilities such as en-suites, gyms, bars and modern lounge areas.

Further regeneration into the city includes Liverpool Waters. This huge project aims to provide residents and businesses with waterfront apartments and high-spec business spaces as well as creating jobs and improving education and training. Property investors have a key part to play in Liverpool Waters as developments are available for investors to be involved with.


Property investors in Leeds will have seen great returns lately as house prices rise. Although the centre of the city is the most expensive when it comes to housing, it’s where people want to live. This chain effect of supply and demand is starting to spread out to surrounding towns and villages and although it can provide students, couples and families with ‘more for their money’ the demand for suitable properties is still there.

New housing is on its way, as thousands of new builds are currently under construction. With the addition of new homes, comes the need for better infrastructure and so, transport links are being introduced and heavily improved to take the strain of this demand. New transport links include the HS2 and HS3, including a revamp of Leeds station.

Aside from housing, student accommodation is also in high demand as over 65,000 students study in Leeds. As this number continues to increase year after year, property investors should be optimistic at the prospect of receiving high rental yields from their student property investment for the foreseeable future.

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