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Overseas Property Investment

Overseas Property Investment

Over the course of the past 50 years, increasing numbers of people have been choosing to purchase a property overseas. From established property markets such as France and Spain, through to destinations further afield such as Thailand, Australia and Dubai, there are now a wealth of opportunities for clients looking to purchase a property overseas.

Primarily driven by the increased accessibility of overseas property markets via budget travel operators, thousands of people choose to purchase a property outside of the UK each year.

Whilst many people look to purchase a property overseas as a lifestyle decision, there are many people who view certain overseas property investment markets as a more sustainable and attractive investment opportunity.

Where To Invest In Overseas Property?
Whilst the past decade has seen a number of emerging international property investment markets come on to the scene, it's fair to say that the huge numbers of UK investors looking to purchase in the more established property markets such as Spain, France and Portugal suggest that these are likely to remain the more popular choices in the years to come. Key to the demand for property throughout these warmer Mediterranean countries is the increased level of accessibility now on offer from cheap flights. No longer considered 'exotic' destinations, these locations, coupled with low cost flights, ensure these destinations can offer a solution to the increasing demand for short term breaks and weekend getaways.

As the market has moved towards a more mature model, the solutions on offer for people looking to purchase a property in Spain, France or Portugal have become more varied and establised. Today, a wide number of mortgages are available for people looking to for international property investment. Coupled with the more varied financial solutions now on offer, a large number of lawyers also specialise in the overseas property investment market, ensuring that issues such as foreign exchange and language are no longer a hinderance to this sector of the market.

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