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Cyprus is an island nation nestled in the waters of the Eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. It is the third biggest and most populous island in the Mediterranean, and also a major tourist destination.

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Fuelled partly by the tourist industry, Cyprus has a well-developed and high-income economy and excellent infrastructure. For the investor, it is possible to find just about every kind of property for sale in Cyprus.

Cyprus is nestled in a section of the Mediterranean sea that is surrounded by land on three sides, and this places many countries nearby. The result is that Cyprus is a very accessible destination, and one with a diverse range of foreign influences contributing to a fascinating cultural scene. This has long helped establish the country as one of the Mediterranean's leading tourist destinations, and it is now accessible from around the world through plentiful and regular flights from all kinds of destinations.

Tourism is one factor contributing to Cyprus' economy, but this sector does not play the same major role as it does in the economies many internationally-popular Mediterranean countries. In fact, Cyprus has a diverse economy, with sectors such as shipping and financial services also forming major components. This has historically led many investors to take an interest in both tourist accommodation and other types of property for sale in Cyprus.

The diversity of Cyprus' economy is helped by the fact that it is a popular destination for businesses as well as for tourists. A competitive tax system has made it an attractive base for a number of offshore and international businesses. This helps to make commercial and business property for sale in Cyprus attractive to investors, as well as helping the country's economy and employment rates and bolstering demand for accommodation.

Unfortunately, the diversity of the Cypriot economy did not protect it from a recent financial crisis. Tighter lending regulations and an economic downturn, hit property demand hard for a time, and prices fell. However, though some feared the worst, the bleakest fears about the future of Cyprus proved unfounded.

International bodies such as the International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank and European Commission have praised the countries for its economic progress since the downturn, and its GDP now exceeds the EU average. The appeal of Cyprus to tourists from around the world also remains strong. This has led many investors who abandoned the country when the downturn was at its worst to start turning their attention to the island again. Some are keen to grab cheap properties for sale in Cyprus while prices remain low, anticipating a future recovery.

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EU Citizenship By Investment

EU Citizenship By Investment

Dual Citizenship has a number of important benefits, from tax planning, to investment privacy, and the EU remains enormously popular as a second Citizenship location. The Cyprus EU Citizenship programme is one of the fastest and simplest routes to EU Citizenship, with passports issued in just three months. No donation is required to complete the process, which works purely on the basis of a secure financial property investment.
EU Citizenship - Highlights
- No residency requirement
- No tax consequences
- Passports in just three months
- Family included
- Dual citizenship
- Visa-free travel within the EU
- Healthcare and education opportunities
- Financial freedom
Cyprus has been a full EU member state since 2004 and joined the EU Monetary Union in 2008. In 2014, legislation was introduced allowing foreign investors to become Cypriot (EU) citizens, acquiring a Cypriot passport through naturalisation. A Cypriot passport holder is an EU passport holder, and a passport holder of any EU country and is also considered an EU citizen. EU citizens can work, reside, study and travel within the EU, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Norway.
The Deposits:
EU Cyprus Citizenship can be obtained via an investment in Cyprus resident real estate of at least €2 million. This can be invested in a single property or can be made via a portfolio of properties.
If any property has been purchased in the three years prior to applying for citizenship this can be included as part of the €2 million investment amount.
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Permanent Residency In Cyprus

Permanent Residency In Cyprus

For those planning a future in the EU, permanent residency in Cyprus is an important first step. Residency permits can be issued within just two months for investors, giving the holder – and family – the right to reside in Cyprus and access to the EU. Permanent Residency in Cyprus offers a number of important benefits:

  • Family included
  • Residency permit within just two months
  • EU citizenship after seven years
  • Business and tax advantages
  • No requirement of residency
  • Quick and easy travel to Europe

Permanent residency in Cyprus is available to investors from all over the world via a secure investment in a desirable asset class (property). Any investor making one or more investments totaling in excess of €300,000 in the Cyprus property market is entitled to apply for permanent residency.

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