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Property for Sale in Istanbul

A thriving commercial centre, as well as one of the world's popular cities for tourist to visit, Istanbul is today one of the worlds most popular locations for overseas property investors, particularly from the Middle East.

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Where East meets West, is how the tourist websites often describe the stunning and diverse city of Istanbul. Today, this modern, and commercially thriving city has been tipped to become one of the world's newest property hotspots, as the city experiences capital appreciation in the region of 15-20% per annum. 

Demand for property for sale in Istanbul has risen considerably in recent times, and today there are significant opportunities for investors to generate substantial yields due to the rising population of this stunning city.

As well the large increase in GDP relative to other markets, Turkey has already begun to capitalise on the vast tourism industry which has begun to emerge in recent times. Once in the shadows of some of the more popular Mediterranean destinations, Turkey, along with Egypt, is now one of the leading tourist destinations from the UK. An increasing number of low cost airlines are now offering regular flights into Istanbul, Bodrum and Dalaman International on a daily basis. Understandably, this large increase in tourist visitors has driven up the price of Istanbul property for sale, particularly in the more popular tourist destinations.

However, it would be too simplistic to suggest that the Turkish property boom was based purely on increased tourism revenue. Indeed the demand for properties for sale in Istanbul has primarily been driven by the large increases in population in the city, as an estimated 400,000 new inhabitants move to the city on an annual basis. A recent survey by the Real Estate Investment Trust recent stated that around 250,000 new homes per annum will be required in Istanbul in order to cope with the influx of people to the city. Understandably, there will be substantial upwards pressure on the prices of Istanbul property and the nearby commuter towns.

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View All (4) Properties for Sale in Istanbul

Travelling to and around Istanbul

Istanbul Airport

Istanbul is a city that is easy to explore, with a variety of transport options available to help locals and tourists get around the city.

Istanbul also has many different transportation services that run both nationally and internationally, making it quite accessible to visitors from Turkey and from overseas.

If you’re looking to get to Istanbul, there are two major airports that have inbound flights from all over the world. The Ataturk Airport is located within the city of Istanbul and began its service in 1997, since then it has grown into a very busy airport with many transport links and services to the cities around Turkey.

Ataturk Airport even has a huge variety of shops, restaurants, and hotels for the tourists travelling to and from the city.

Getting around the city of Istanbul is very simple as there are plenty of options which include many taxi services running all day – be sure to check there is a working meter in the taxi and try and negotiate the fee first, as the drivers have a reputation of trying to overcharge tourists for more money than the trip is worth.

Tourists looking to travel around the city districts without worrying about taxi fares can take the buses from Taksim Square, Besiktas, Aksaray, Rustempasa, Kadikoy, and Uskudar. These services run from 6:30am to 11:30pm but you must have a ticket to board a bus which can cost 1.30TL.

Beaches in Istanbul

Istanbul Beaches

Istanbul may not have many beaches for a city of its size but there are plenty or gorgeous beaches that surround the city just outside its limits.

Burc Beach is located in Kilyos on the Black sea. The beach is open from 9:00am to 10:00pm and hosts many activities such as volleyball, windsurfing, kite flying and kite boarding. Facilities at the beach include sun beds, umbrellas, and there are a few places you can snack and grab a drink. Prices to enter the beach are 30TL per person during weekdays and 40TL at the weekends.

Dalia Beach is located 12 miles from Istanbul between Kilyos and Demircikoy on the Black Sea and is a small private bay offering magnificent golden sand and luscious green vegetation. The beach has a seafood restaurant on site and nearby forest for a picnic with the family. Prices are 30TL per person.

Solar Beach is easily one of the largest beaches in the region and hosts music festivals and evening beach parties for those who want to enjoy the local nightlife. For those that enjoy more traditional nightlife, there is a selection of clubs and bars located in the nearby town centre. The beach has activities such as rock climbing, volley ball, banana boats, skateboarding, rollerblading and basketball; you can also rent jet skis, go karts and wind surfing equipment. Prices can be as little as 25TL during the week and 40TL at the weekend.

Bakyus Beach is about a mile long and located just outside Kisirkaya. The beach is made of beautiful golden sand and activities include horse rides. Baykus Beach is more secluded compared to the other beaches in the area, favouring a calm relaxing atmosphere rather than the hustle and bustle of some the crowded party beaches. The beach opens from 9am to 9:30pm and prices are 10TL on weekdays and 20TL at the weekend.

Things to do in Istanbul

Istanbul Things to Do

In Istanbul there are plenty of exciting things to do to keep tourists occupied on a daily basis. Tailored for visitors of all ages, there are a water parks, animal housings and a selection of parks so there is something new discover every day.

Istanbul Aquarium
Tourists can enjoy a 1.2km route around 64 tanks full of 1500 species and around 15,000 land and sea creatures in total. The aquarium comprises of 16 themes, a rain forest and two 5D movie houses that make special effects such as wind, fog and rain. Along the route there are 3 cafeterias and the aquarium has a restaurant that overlooks the Panama Canal and a large gift shop. Istanbul Aquarium is located south of the Ataturk Airport in the district of Senlikköy.

Luna Park
The Bonstanci Luna Park is an amusement park in the Anatolian side of Istanbul. The park was established in 1983 by two brothers and has many different child rides, family rides, and thrill rides. Surrounded by residential buildings, this medium sized park is a great place to take the kids for the day.

Aqua Club Dolphin
The Aqua Club Dolphin is a very popular water park in Istanbul where there are opportunities to swim with dolphins and contains a variety of Olympic sized swimming pools. Thrill seekers will enjoy sliding down the different sized slides ranging from 40m to 100m and the park boasts a wide range of activities such as water polo, volleyball, tennis, football and even hosts concerts and group shows. Prices for the park vary but cost no more than 40TL per adult.

Babalu Park
Babalu Park is a unique amusement centre for young kids from the ages of 2 to 12 years old that holds 300 visitors in a 1,350m2 closed area. The park consists of a play tower, 5 trampolines, bouncy castle, air hockey table, and a climbing volcano. Babalu Park has its own cafeteria in which all the meals are prepared by their highly qualified staff. Perfect for keeping the kids active and entertained throughout their stay in Istanbul.

Located in Beylikdüzü, this cinema has the latest films available to see at very reasonable prices with the best cinema experience Istanbul has to offer and is ideal for a entertaining night out in Beylikdüzü for the family.

Places to Visit in Istanbul

Istanbul Places to Visit

Istanbul has a rich and colourful history which has helped to shape the city into the place it is today. It's many monuments and famous buildings have stood for centuries; each with its own unique story and place in Istanbul's history.

Eyup Sultan Mosque
Built in 1458, it was constructed by the Ottoman Turks and is situated on the European side of Istanbul near the Golden Horn just outside of the Walls of Constantinople. The Mosque attracts many visitors on religious pilgrimages due to Hz Eyyubu El-Ensari being buried here after the battle of Constantinople.

Basilica Cistern
Known as the Sunken Palace, Basilica Cistern was built to supply water to the Byzantine palace in 532. The palace is a must see place. Located at the Sultanahmet Square, the Basilica Cistern is open from 9am to 6:30pm and costs 10TL admittance fee. The Palace has been recently renovated, but still manages to retain the history and architecture it is famous for.

The Bosporus Bridges
Connecting Istanbul are two bridges called the Bosphorus Bridge which connects Beylerbeyi and Ortakoy and The Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge between Kanlica and Rumeli Hisari. Tolls are paid when passing from Europe to Asia

Gulhane Park
The park is one of the oldest in Istanbul and offers a nice and relaxing atmosphere away from the bustling district of Sultanahmet. Gulhane has broad paths wrapped throughout its premises and beautiful water features and graceful statues make the park a favourite among tourists and the locals. Housing great views of the sea, the park also has kiosks for those wanting to gather some additional local information and snack bars for those wanting to grab a quick bite to eat.

Eating out in Istanbul

Istanbul Eating Out

Istanbul is full of Turkish cuisine restaurants as well as other food places that offer international dishes, giving people more options to explore different delicacies for reasonable prices.

Old Ottoman is a cafe/restaurant that specialises in Turkish and Seafood dishes and offers outdoor seating.

Beyaz Izgara offers Turkish fast food and amazing street side food for cheap prices. They also have a delivery option.

Yemek Evi – A great spot for romantic meals where you can make reservations. The Yemek Evi has middle eastern, Turkish, and vegetarian dishes for very cheap prices.

Gulhane Kebab House is a barbeque, seafood and vegetarian restaurant with relatively low prices for those wanting to pop in at lunch time or after hours.

Galapagos Restaurant is an afterhours steak house restaurant that serves seafood, Turkish and international dishes.

Pizzeria Pera is a traditional pizzeria that offers a delivery service and has dishes such as pasta and an array of salads.

Cafe Rumist is a European, Italian, Mediterranean and Turkish cafe restaurant that does takeout and deliveries.

Shopping in Istanbul

Istanbul Shopping

Istanbul houses an array of traditional shops that sell trinkets, accessories and textiles for excellent prices that many tourists and locals visit daily to decorate their homes to give it that Turkish feel. Many of our properties for sale in Istanbul have this original decor, giving the property a very authentic feel. 

Aslan Giftshop
The gift shop is a great place to purchase souvenirs to remind tourists of their visit to Istanbul. They sell a range of accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, rings and other traditional Turkish jewellery as well as mugs, nargiles and nazars for great prices.

Motif Collection
Located in the centre of Istanbul, the shop sells Turkish Rugs and Killims in different styles and sizes. Popular among the locals and tourists alike, people often visit to purchase something to decorate their own homes.

Jennifers Hamam
Jennifers Hamam create beautiful and high quality woven towels, pestamels, kese, robes, bedcovers, table and bed linens in unique designs found only at Jennifer’s shop.

Istinye Park Mall
Since opening in 2007, the mall has gained 300 stores on its premises and has a wide variety of different stores available. The mall has around 3600 car parking spaces available and features indoor and outdoor spaces. Shops and facilities in the mall consist of a 12 screen cinema, gym, and restaurants; some of which offer specialist gourmet food.

Altan Sekerleme
This shop is located in the district of Eminonu and sells sweets and chocolates but mostly Turkish delight. Altan Sekerleme has a large selection of different flavours of Turkish delight and is quite well known around the city among tourists and locals.

Weather in Istanbul

Istanbul Weather

The weather in Istanbul is similar to other Mediterranean areas and is classed as having a humid sub-tropical climate and oceanic climate.

The City has rainfall of 20-65mm in the summer months and an average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius. During the winter, Istanbul can be much colder than most cities around the Mediterranean basin, with an average of 9 degrees Celsius which is good for that time of year. The climate and local weather are often factors when considering where to invest, which makes property for sale in Istanbul very popular with overseas investors, especially those looking for a retirement or holiday home in the sun.

The humidity in Istanbul can be quite high in the mornings, almost reaching 80% which means fog is very common; which although disruptive is a very beautiful sight.

According to locals you can never trust the weather in Istanbul possibly due to the air flow which comes from the Balkans, Marmara, and Siberia; so the chance of snow is a possibility, albeit an uncommon one.

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