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A powerhouse of global politics and economics, the USA is a huge and extremely diverse country. The fifty states are, in some ways, like fifty separate countries, and each boasts its own unique cultural and economic quirks. From the financial might of New York to the sunny tourist beaches of Florida, each region has very different opportunities for investors looking at property for sale in the US.

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United States

The USA occupies a large portion of the American continent, and is the world's fourth largest country by land area. It is one of the most varied countries on Earth, thanks to its impressive size and the fact it is divided into 50 separate states which are culturally, politically and economically separate in many ways.

On the one hand, America has a number of major cities, and these account for a large portion of properties for sale in the US. The star attraction in terms of urban US markets has long been New York, a bustling hub of financial activity. However, other cities can be just as attractive to residents and tourists, and are growing in popularity as New York's cost of living grows ever higher.

For example, with a strong cultural scene and low prices, Philadelphia is becoming more and more popular with former New Yorkers looking for a way to live more cheaply without giving up the urban pace of life. This, in turn, is driving up the popularity of Philadelphia with property investors around the world, along with other major US cities such as Washington and Chicago.

However, in stark contrast to these bustling metropolises, the US is also home to quiet, sparsely-populated regions. For example, North Dakota is the country's third least populous state, and comes in fourth for lowest density of population. Sometimes, these regions can compete surprisingly well with the big cities in terms of opportunities to invest in properties for sale in the USA. North Dakota is currently benefitting from high employment rates and economic strength thanks to a boom in the region's oil industry. This is attracting new residents which the quiet, peaceful region is ill-prepared to accommodate, and the resulting property demand is bringing the attention of investors to this quiet state.

Overall, you can find just about every kind of property for sale in the US, and find it in an area that offers strong investment potential. Big cities and quiet-but-strong regions like North Dakota offer excellent opportunities for residential and commercial property. Much of the US is also popular with tourists from around the world, particularly the cities and the sunny state of Florida, and this opens up some exciting opportunities in the tourist property sector.

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