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Sheffield, its name derived from the city’s River Sheaf, is a large metropolitan city and borough in South Yorkshire; in the north of England. Historically part of the West Riding of Yorkshire (and Derbyshire), Sheffield has grown to become a driving force of the north and is largely considered its own county area.

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One of the UK's most popular university destinations, Sheffield is today home to almost 60,000 full time students across the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam. Far removed from industrial past, Sheffield is today a vibrant, thriving commercial city, which offers considerable opportunity for investors seeking to capitalise on the regions growing demand for student property investment in Sheffield.

As a member of the Core Cities Group of the UK, it is one of the largest on the list and stands as the third largest district in England by population.

Sheffield has a long history, but achieved international fame and success during the Industrial Revolution as one of the finest steel producers in the land. Technologies such as the crucible and stainless steel were founded and developed in the area, driving the population of the city in the 1800s to multiple by almost ten times. In the modern landscape, Sheffield has grown to become one of the great economic powers in Yorkshire.

Sheffield, built upon the banks of the River Sheaf, is separated from neighbouring city Rotheram by the M1 motorway network. Located just to the east of the Peak District National Park, Sheffield attracts thousands of tourists every year. The English capital of London is less than three hours away, Scottish capital of Edinburgh 4 and a half hours and Welsh capital Cardiff 3 and a half. Sheffield is linked to the closer northern cities of Leeds, Bradford and Manchester with less than an hour of travel time, whether by car or one of its urban railway stations. The nearest airport is 45 miles away and connects Sheffield to a number of European destinations and the east coast of the United States.

The Sheffield Metropolitan borough, which includes the city and its immediate suburbs, is the third largest in the UK. With more than half a million residents, it outstrips Manchester, Liverpool and Bristol; coming just shy of neighbour Leeds. With a significant ethnic diversity, Sheffield is a base of settlement for all nationalities; with an 8% population of Asian residents, almost 4% Black and 1.5% Arab. Alongside a thriving cultural community, the student population of Sheffield almost reaches 60,000 thanks to its two universities; presenting an excellent opportunity in local development for student accommodation investment in Sheffield.

Sheffield was a world leader in steelwork during the Industrial Revolution, but suffered the decline of manufacturing and industry in line with the rest of the nation. Reacting quicker than most however, Sheffield avoided the more dramatic slumps found elsewhere and grew to become one of the economic powerhouses in the region. The local constituency has invested heavily in redevelopment during the 21st century and has seen a 60% increase in the city’s value; to average £9.2 billion in 2007. This positive growth continues to move forwards, with Sheffield moving at around 5% annually which is a leader amongst the Yorkshire and Humber areas.

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