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Property for Sale in Akbuk

Akbuk sits in a bay within a bay. The larger inlet between the headlands of Didyma and Bodrum houses another sheltered bay, wherein Akbuk is found. As such the water is cool and calm, making for one of the most relaxing beaches of the Mediterranean coast.


One of the nouveau tourist resorts on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, and nestled in the bay between the Didyma and Bodrum headlands, Akbuk enjoys the warm and clear waters of the Mediterranean. Viewed as one of Turkey's hidden gems, Akbuk is slowly gaining in popularity due to Turkey's overall increase in tourist visitors.

Regarded by most as one of the hidden gems of this stretch of coastline, Akbuk property for sale is predicted to explode as foreign investors and developers capitalise on the untouched beauty of the area. The town is currently a popular choice for Turkish people with second homes, though increased activity is provided more and more properties for use as hotels or holiday lets.

The largest cities are Didyma (30 mins by road), Milas (1 hour by road) and Bodrum (90 minutes by road.) The nearest airport is the Milas-Bodrum site, on the main road between the two cities and less than 50km from Akbuk. Travel to Istanbul and Ankara both involve more than 650km of road travel, meaning that air has become the dominant choice of travel for the Mediterranean resorts and the inland cities.

Akbuk is an Aegean holiday resort which officially comes under the Didim district, part of the Aydin Province. The permanent residing population of the small resort is around 4,000 people – a number which swells tenfold during the summer months. In the busy tourist season, Akbuk can be home to almost 50,000 tourists from Turkey, Europe and Asia. Whilst certainly one of the smallest of the surrounding resorts, properties for sale in Akbuk is being pipped to expand rapidly over the next decade as investors look to take advantage of the untapped beauty and resources of the region.

Akbuk has historically been one of the recommended areas for people suffering from asthma or similar ailments – with doctors hailing its oxygen rich atmosphere. The combination of a medical reasoning and the beautiful and untouched Aegean environment has made property for sale in Akbuk a popular expat retirement spot for many years. Tourists have also begun to use Akbuk as a tranquil base camp for exploring the local area, a region famous for housing a number of Ancient Greek and Roman sites. The House of the Virgin Mary and the Templtes of Miletus, Athena and Apollo are all nearby.

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