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The Land of a Thousand Smiles is rapidly gaining in net worth in the context of closer economic co-operation between the ASEAN free trade zone nations and its bigger neighbours. Areas of the north-east of Thailand have seen significant property rises with even steeper climbs in land prices. It’s an area to be avoided over the next year or so while the market settles down.

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Property for sale in Thailand and in particular the the coastal areas, offer the best long-term value for money. Traditional investment locations like Phuket and Pattaya have seen their runaway developments of the 1960s and 1970s tempered somewhat by a lot more forward-thinking development in these areas.

Recent statistics show an uneven climb upwards in values since prices dropped dramatically towards the end of 2009. Fitful though this rise may be, it’s underlined by the positive performance of economic indicators of the country, as well as the air of confidence surrounding the progression of the area trading block ASEAN. The organisation is soon to see a consolidation of trading agreements that will bring it closer to a model of the EU of the Far East.

Although the price index of detached properties for sale in Thailand is on the downward trend, it is generally accepted that this is more an indicator of rural exodus rather than actual decline in demand for housing. The growth is concentrated on the condominium market. This is the bread-and-butter sector of the Thai property scene, representing the majority of home types for people - both Thai and foreign. With the economy currently growing at around 6%, confidence in the market for Thailand property for sale is strong amongst domestic purchasers and outside investors such as the Chinese, Taiwanese and Koreans.

Yields are generally better in the coastal resorts and tighter in Bangkok and the central regions where the majority (64%) of transactions are carried out. The Bank of Thailand has been trying to keep the coolers on a potentially overheating property market with a range of moderate measures, including raising the key interest rate, which has climbed in incremental stages from 1.25% in 2009 to 2% currently.

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