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Property for sale in Paris

Today Paris is one the world’s leading business and cultural centres, with its influences in politics, education, entertainment, fashion, science, media and the arts, contributing to the status as one of the world’s major global cities, with the Headquarters for UNESCO, OECD and the International Chamber of Commerce being in the centre of Paris.

Property for sale in Paris

Paris is the capital and largest city in France, and is situated in northern France by the River Seine. The city of Paris is largely unchanged since 1860, with an estimated population of over 2,234,000 and is one of the most populated areas in Europe.

A massive urban renewal project was launched in 2007, by the then French President, Nicolas Sarkozy. This consisted of various, housing, cultural, economic, transport and environmental projects. There has never been greater investment opportunities. Whether buy to let or buy to sell properties for investment enabling the French Government to house the increasing working population.

Paris is steeped in history and has a wealth of land marks and places of historical interest. Paris receives approximately 28 million tourists each year all easily reached by the Paris metro rail network and its own International Airport – The Charles De Gaulle.

The most famous attraction in Paris must be the Eiffel Tower which was erected in 1889 and the world’s most visited museum the Louvre, famous for The Mona Lisa painting. Notre Dame Cathedral is by the River Seine.

The city’s most famous monument The Arch de Triomph a land mark that is known all over the world and is the entrance to the boulevard that houses the entire famous designer clothes shops.

Paris has an array of theatres, and dance halls the most well known being the Moulin Rouge where the “Can Can” dance originated. The Paris Ritz Hotel, frequented by the rich and famous from all over the world.

The most recent and modern tourist attraction is Disneyland Paris which is now frequently visited via the ever popular Eurotunnel.

Property for sale in Paris has a wealth of opportunities to offer the Property investor.

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