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Property for sale in Alsace

Alsace despite much destruction caused by the wars between France and Germany is famous for its many picturesque villages, churches and castles and the many beauties of its three main towns. The countryside is admired, and further famous for its vineyards, and the lush forests of the Vosges mountains.

Property for sale in Alsace

One of France’s smallest of 26 regions, just over 8000 km², Alsace is situated in France’s easternmost border. Alsace has a population of just over 1.9 million people, making it one of France’s  most  densely populated regions, coming in at the sixth most densely populated, but it is still well known throughout the world as the European Union’s administrative capital Strasbourg gives it political significance.

The major towns of Strasbourg, Bishheim, Wittenheim, Saverne, Mulhouse and Colmar is where the majority of property in Alsace, obviously, because of its high population density. Prices have risen consistently in recent years in these areas. Demand for property throughout the region of Alsace is exceptionally high, primarily due to the Alsace region’s exceptional road links to not only parties, but also neighbouring Switzerland and Germany. This means the price of property in Alsace, is a lot higher than the national average for property in France.

"Alsace" comes from the Germanic Ell-sass meaning seated on the Ill which is a river in “Alsace “. The historical language of Alsace is Alsatian, though these days only about only about 10% of the child population and 39% of the adult population in Alsace speak Alsatian. Being close to the border, and control switching back and forth has produced a very mixed history, which is self has produced a wonderful fusion of German and French culture, architecture, and cuisine over hundreds of years, both German and French people have settled there, and today you are as likely to hear people speaking German, as you are French. It may possibly be this successful blending of these different cultural influences, which has led the European Union to situate its parliament in Strasbourg.

Because the Vosges mountains protect it from the west there is little rain throughout Alsace. Alsace has dry and cold winters along with hot summers. The city of Colmar is the second driest city in France, its annual rainfall of just 550 mm. It is this dry weather, which makes it excellent father vineyards, and long sunny holidays.

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