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Property for Sale in Sharm El Sheikh

Located on the southern most tip of the Sinai Peninsula, the ever popular resort of Sharm El Sheikh is without doubt the darling of the Egyptian tourism industry.

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Sharm El Sheikh

Over the course of the past couple of years, there has been a huge increase in demand for property in Sharm El Sheikh, as people seek their own slice of the Red Sea dream lifestyle.

Originally a small fishing village, home to predominantly Bedouin locals, Sharm Sheikh has had a colourful history, and was even home to a major Israeli military base for some considerable time. Often seen by many as being far removed from the dusty and hot streets of Cairo, Sharm El Sheikh is without doubt the flagship resort of the new Egypt.

In the past ten years, substantial investment has gone into the region with a view to attracting considerable investment from overseas and leading to a demand from foreign investors for property for sale in Sharm El Sheikh. Nowhere is this investment more apparent, then at the superb new Sharm El Sheikh international airport which has been fully renovated over the course of the past few years.

At the heart of Sharm Sheikh is the ever popular Naama Bay entertainment centre. Based around two long streets, Naama Bay is home to a huge number of cafes, bars and restaurants, many of which are open into the early hours of the morning. For people seeking entertainment and nightlife, the vibrant districts of Naama Bay and Soho Square are without doubt the places to be, and to be seen in Sharm Sheikh.

Slightly further north, approximately 10 minutes drive from Naama Bay, is the new Nabq Bay district. Here substantial investment in infrastructure and property is being undertaken to deliver what will be one of the largest resorts on the Red Sea. As such, property in Nabq Bay is seen as one of the best investments in Egypt at present, and large numbers of investors have already purchased in properties for sale in Sharm El Sheikh in developments such as The View, Viva Reef and Sharm Heights. Far from being purely an off plan project, Nabq Bay is now a thriving centre in itself, with a large number of international hotels, shops and restaurants.

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View All (1) Properties for Sale in Sharm El Sheikh