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Property for Sale in Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam is one of the more southerly resorts making use of the beautiful Red Sea coast. Occupying an area in south-east Egypt, Marsa Alam straddles the coast line 240km north of the Sudanese border and 270km south of tourism-giant Hurghada.

Marsa Alam

As one of the growing number of successful and coveted Red Sea resorts on the Egyptian coast, Marsa Alam is experiencing incredible growth due to the opening of its own airport in 2001. Having always been an idyllic tourist retreat, the area has come into mainstream tourism since becoming more accessible through air travel

Like many of the nearby towns and resorts, Marsa Alam is famous for its long stretches of sandy white beaches, clear blue waters and luxurious accommodation. The rapid expansion of the town has resulted in an inpouring of foreign and domestic investment – making it one of the fastest growing resorts in Egypt.

Travel to the populated area surrounding the River Nile (Luxor, Aswan etc.) can be completed within 3 hours by road – whilst most journeys to northern Egypt and the capital of Cairo are done by air, across a 700km+ distance. Travel to other coastal resorts is often undertaken by boat through the Red Sea, with intercontinental travel to Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Asian continent also common.

Compared to other Egyptian coastal resorts, Marsa Alam enjoys a more secluded and remote location. Despite the introduction of the airport in 2001, the area has remained relatively undeveloped and is only now seeing a rapid expansion of investment - leading to a hightened demand for property for sale in Marsa Alam. With the mix between preserved tranquillity and a growing tourism trade, Marsa Alam is attracting thousands of tourists every year – a number perpetually on the rise. The permanent population of Marsa Alam is approximately 10,000 – a number dwarfed by other Red Sea resorts along the Egyptian coastline. The majority of permanent residents work in the service or tourism industry – with that proportion set to increase over the coming years of investment.

Marsa Alam isn’t known to the world at large for much, being such a new contender to the Egyptian tourism market. Being sold as one of Egypt’s ‘best kept secrets’ – the advantages of resisting 21st century tourism is evident in the preserved natural beauty of the area. As development and investment continues, Marsa Alam will be expanding its water sporting activities to make use of the marine life and scenery concealed beneath the Red Sea. The town also benefits from being less than 200km away from one of the few large national parks in northern Africa.

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