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Natal occupies the most extreme north-eastern tip of Brazil and the South American continent, built upon the mouth of the Potengi River and the Atlantic Ocean. With a metropolitan city centre just minutes from the famous Brazilian beaches – Natal is one of the few cities in the region with a strong business core and tourism culture.


Fabled for its crystal clear waters and natural beauty, Natal has been experiencing an economic boom in the tourist industry since the early 1980s. Rapid expansion and investment has transformed the city into a wealthy and cosmopolitan retreat, with an impressive skyline against the backdrop of sandy white beaches.

Situated within the Rio Grande do Norte state of Brazil, Natal is the largest and capital city of the region. Being on the north-eastern tip of the South American continent, Natal has a very European influence being one of the easiest to reach of all South American cities. Tourism has been expanding since the construction of the Via Costeira road in the 1980s – though recent economic upturn has made properties for sale in Natal as one of the most desirable areas for property investment in Brazil.

The nearby Augusto Severo International Airport can handle almost 6 million passengers per year, with another airport currently being built nearer to the city to cope with the rapidly expanding tourist industry. Natal shares the same coastline as Rio de Janeiro, though is almost 2,500km north of the capital. Nearby large cities include Recife and Mossoro - both a 4 hour journey by road.

Natal’s population is quickly approaching 1,000,000 – swelled by the recent explosion of tourism in the region and an inpouring of wealth into the city. The ‘Greater Natal’ metropolitan area includes a number of smaller towns and villages which are dependent upon the capital – the population of this area is more than 1,300,000. Racial diversity is particularly high in the city, with a low majority of 48% Mixed Race and almost 47% White. The city has expanded rapidly in the past three decades, with records showing that in 1980 Natal was home to only 416,000 people, which is driving the demand for property for sale in Natal.

Natal has become one of the most promising foreign getaways in South America, particularly since the Via Costeira’s construction. Almost as a direct result of this road, the wealth and economy of the city have benefitted and Natal has become the safest capital city in Brazil. Popular tourist attractions include the largest cashew tree in the world, the Forte dos Reis Magos and the Newton Navarro Bridge. In keeping with South American culture, Natal is home to magnificent yearly carnivals – chief amongst which is the Carnatal.

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