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Fortaleza occupies a strip of shoreline on the eastern shoreline of Brazil, jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean. The city stretches for around 30km along the coast and reaches around 20km inland, toward Maracanau.


One of the most popular tourist destinations on Brazil's stunning Atlantic coastline, there has been a growing demand for land and property for sale in Fortaleza in recent years.

Fortaleza is one of Brazil’s largest and most visited cities, situated on the north-east coast of the country. As the capital of the large Ceará state, Fortaleza was transformed from an agricultural region into an urban metropolis in the 1900s.

Introduction of new road and rail lines, along with extensive development and investment, has made Fortaleza one of the chief tourist attractions on Brazil’s Atlantic coastline. The combination of typical South American tropical climate and the ocean winds make the city one of the most bearable during the summer months, with tourists descending upon the region in their millions during peak season.

Pinto Martins – Fortaleza International Airport is one of Brazil’s busiest airports, built during the 1930s and recently re-developed to handle up to 6,000,000 annual passengers. Just 6km south of the city, the airport has played an important role in the continued tourism boom of Fortaleza. The city itself is well connected with the national road network, bringing Maracanau, Caucaia and Aquiraz all within an hour’s journey. Rio de Janeiro occupies the same coast line as Fortaleza, though is in the extreme south of the country near Sao Paulo – more than 2,500km away.

Fortaleza was first discovered in 1500, though wasn’t truly settled until the 18th century. With its relatively close proximity to Europe and Africa, for a South American country, the city has always been populous and had a significant trade industry. Modern Fortaleza is home to more than 2,500,000 people – whilst the wider metro area totals around 3,500,000. Fortaleza is the most populous city in the region and the 5th most populous in the entirety of Brazil. Demographics show a high level of racial diversity, with a 57% majority of Mixed Race, 37% White and 4.5% Black. Early Portuguese settlement has made the city almost entirely Roman Catholic.

Fortaleza enjoys a tourism trade that far outstrips its Atlantic neighbours – owing mainly to the size of the city and the amount of amenities. Good transport connections with road and air make it one of the most visited in the area, with some of the popular attractions including the samba-cum-maracatu carnival, the Theatro Jose de Alencar and the Castelao football stadium. The latter has recently been re-developed and will play an important role in Brazil’s hosting of the World Cup 2014 – an event estimated to bring millions more tourists to the city.

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