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Car Park Investments

The demand for airport parking is ever increasing due to the number of passengers that continue to pass through UK airports every year. As a result, more and more people are seeking both medium and long stay parking when going on holiday or business trips, which has created new investment opportunities in the form of airport parking.

Many investors are looking to invest in car parking spaces as they believe they have more benefits than other commercial investment opportunities. Every investor wants an investment that has high rental yields and a guaranteed return on investment and car parking investments fall into this category.

Airports have one of the fastest growing demands for car parking spaces, with airport car parks being extremely busy and almost full to capacity on a day to day basis. Not only do existing car parks require more available spaces, but airport expansions also increase the need for more spaces, in order to cater for the increasing amount of air passengers visiting the airport.

A an airport car park investment would typically involve purchasing a car park space, or a set of car park spaces, to then lease spaces out for agreed periods of time in return for an agreed fee. People look to rent a space in a prime location that will enable them to access their destination with greater ease, especially if they will look to use the space on numerous occasions within a specific amount of time. This benefits any car park investors because it means that the demand for the space they own will almost always be extremely high.

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Why Invest in Car Parking Spaces?

Car Park Investment

As the demand for car park spaces continues to increase, airport car parking investments are a low risk proposition for investors as they provide not only guaranteed returns, but also generous rental yields that will make the investment all the more worthwhile.

With airports continuously developing and needing to increase the amount of parking opportunities for their passengers, the demand for parking will always increase.

The annual gross rental income for airport parking is approximately worth over £10 billion, and with the demand for parking in UK airports not being met by current supply, the number of people seeking to rent spaces will only continue to increase. Many regular travellers seek to rent a parking space that suits them the most, to guarantee that they have a space and to increase practicality for them.

Car parking investment is used for commercial purposes, meaning that the investor not only has an appealing rate of return, but they also have special tax privileges, enhancing the worth of the investment. With almost immediate initial returns and the possibility of an inflated buy back, any investors that choose to invest in airport car parking will find themselves with a hugely successful investment that will only increase in value for years to come.